Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sacramento Area Price Level Inventory For June 16, 2006

Nothing major to report this week, as all the regions stuck to their previous trends. One exception to note is Yolo County, which had a paltry 1% inventory increase this week. The small overall increase corresponded with a reversal in the $400k-$450k growth rate. This range actually lost inventory, and went from 138 on June 19 to 125 this week.

Flippers continued their successful retreat from the market, with flipper inventory as a percentage of total listings dropping in all four counties. El Dorado flippers faired the best, with 229 total resale flips, and only 14 in trouble. Placer County flippers continued their poor showing, with 674 flipper listings, and 95 of those taking a loss. 20% of the market in Placer and Sacramento were flippers, while El Dorado and Yolo had a 13% and 19% flipper rate, respectively.

Next week: Improved price ranges to tease out trends in higher ranges.

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