Saturday, July 15, 2006

Flipper Hotspots in Sacramento County

Like most of you from Sac, I’ve noticed the large number of for sale signs in the new development areas like Elk Grove and Natomas. I've heard reports of high levels of "investor" activity in the new developments, but how does that compare with the established neighborhoods? Out of curiosity, I generated some Google Earth images for houses being flipped. For more on how I define a flipper, see this post.

The following image says it all:

There seems to be three major flipper hotspots in Sacramento: North Natomas, South Elk Grove, and Oak Park:


John in Rocklin said...

Max, I really enjoy your stats. You have a real knack for analyzing the data. I have been following a JTS Community, The Estates at Lincoln Crossing for a few months. The subdivision map is at

There are 136 homes on the map, supposedly all sold, except the models and 4 other homes. It appears only 5 or 6 homes are truly occupied. From what I can tell, the rest belong to FLIPPERS, mostly from the Bay Area. The majority of homes are up for resale and have been sitting since April. It would be very interesting to see your analysis of this subdivision on your flipper index and video. Do you have the time and ability?

If not, I will continue to keep tabs on this disaster in the making and keep everyone informed.

Max said...

Quite a find. Here's what I learned:

Since the development is so new, I think it's safe to assume that any house for sale there should be considered a flip. Right now, I count 49 current listings in the MLS, or about 36% of the whole development. 25 are on Hillwood Loop.

The only thing I can't tell you is if the flippers are losing money. New home sales aren't listed with the county in the same way, so I don't have the pricing.

You should go out there and take some pictures of Hillwood Loop. If you do, send them over and I'll post them. There's got to be a ton of for-sale signs...

Anonymous said...
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Max said...
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