Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sacramento Region Home Listings Inventory for June 30, 2006

Another quick posting this week since I’m out of town again. For some reason, I can’t make myself stay in town on the weekend. :)

The story in Sacramento continues to be about inventory. The torrent of new listings continues unabated in the four county area, with an increase of 374 listings in the last 8 days. We’re still on track to beat the various records in the month of July:

Pending sales are holding steady in the 10% range for Sacramento County, with 1,255 out of 12,039 in the process of being sold:


Anonymous said...

As the inventory continues to'll probably be much like a tsunami ( did I spell that right ) for the market. Basically a HUGE purge houses going back to the banks because no one can afford them.

Just wait till the Fall. That's when kids are back in school, things get back to normal ( with your life ) etc. Then we'll see the HUGE inventory crush begin...starting with the spring of 07'....We aint seen nothing yet.


Max said...

I keep waiting for the inventory top. There has to be a limit to it, there's only so many listings an agent can handle. Of course, there's a lot more agents these days...

Last year, inventory topped out at just under 10,000 in October and began falling in November. After January 1, there's been an average of 30 listings added each day. The trend has been very linear, and shows no signs of stopping.