Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sacramento Region Home Listings Inventory: July 15, 2006

Oh, so close to the record. Four-county inventory hit 17,686 this week, only 227 listings away from the population adjusted record of 17,913. Looks like I missed my call by a couple of days. I probably won’t dump the stats again until next Saturday, so by then we should be above the record:

With this week’s increase of 355 listings, the quadratic trend appears to be breaking down. Comparing the trends from last week, there was a 31 day difference between the quadratic and the linear best-fit record projection. Now, the difference is only 8 days:

I think it is safe to attribute last week’s fall-off to end-of-the-month and end-of-the-quarter listing expirations. We will definitely hit the record by next Saturday.

While inventory levels bounced back easily, pending sales managed only a 0.3% increase over last week:

Pending sales have plummeted from 15.1% of total listings in mid-May, to only 9.3% in mid-July. That is a drop of 27%! Put another way, there were 267 more pending sales on April 9 than July 15. It’s pretty slow out there folks.


Anonymous said...

Do those house for sale numbers include FISBOs?

Max said...

No, those numbers, along with new homes for sale, are difficult to get. These are only MLS listing numbers.