Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sacramento Area Price Level Inventory For August 14, 2006

Flipper positions continued to deteriorate across the Sacramento Region over the last week. Placer County flippers were still the worse off, with over 22% of all flippers asking at a loss. Sacramento County closely followed with 18%.

Since April 9, the Sacramento flippers in trouble ratio has more than doubled, going from 8% to 18% of all flippers.

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Anonymous said...

Placer County Inventory numbers: July Sales: 331. July Listings: 3101. Source: Placer County Association of Realtors. This shows 11.2 months of inventory (last month, & probably worse in August). Now listen to Tony Talbot, CEO of Sun Mortgage, "fence sitters...my advice is get off the fence because inventory can change and go just as fast the other way." Give me a break Tony. What, do you think sales are suddenly going to quadruple in the next few months and inventory will drop to nothing? You are an idiot. It takes 3+ years to turn a market around. The market was overpriced in 2003 and took until mid 2005 to turn. It will take until 2008 for us to reach bottom in this mess. The correction is just starting.