Monday, August 07, 2006

Sacramento Region Home Listings Inventory: August 5, 2006

Sorry about the late posts this week. I am on vacation in the northern part of the Eastern Time zone, and apparently there are still places that never heard of things like “DSL” or “high-speed” connection. Needless to say, these two posts took an hour to make. I will be back by next week in my full high-speed glory, never fear.

Well, Sacto hit the usual end-of-the-month listing expiration binge, so levels were flat between 7-28 and 8-05. Consequently, I missed my 19,000 target projection. We have a decent chance of hitting it next week, however:

Also, pending sales showed barely any improvement over last week, managing a lousy 0.5% increase over last week:

For grins, I did a 2005-2006 Sac County inventory level comparison:

If we follow last year’s pattern, inventory should stabilize around September 30, level out over the month of October, and drop continuously until the end of the year. Last year Sac County peaked out at 9,986 listings on October 30. However, we are in uncharted territory, so old precedents might not apply.

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Nice work, as usual. Thank you.