Friday, September 01, 2006

How Low Can You Go?

MLS #60011176 3xx1 Farallon Road
West Sacramento, 95691

Came across this listing and couldn't believe what I saw. It's now on day 413 and it's been listed three times so far. But what is really impressive is that 29 price reductions have taken place!

Below is an image you can click on to see each time it was reduced over the three listings. Anyone care to guess what it will eventually sell for???


Anonymous said...

That's my DREAM HOUSE !!! - a 2-story putty-colored stucco snout-house in a nameless, faceless, treeless subdivision with bad sidewalks. If it had a 4-car garage for all my SUVs, I'd buy it yesterday.

Anonymous said...

What did they PAY for this house and when?