Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pot House Update

Just a quick update on the pot house situation. There was another bust in Sacramento, this time in Rancho Cordova:

Pot plants seized in Rancho home

This comes on the heels of another big bust in Stockton:

Stockton pot ring uncovered

The similarities to the previous 21 busts in Sacramento were not lost on the media. Just like in Sacramento, the Stockton guys used the same Realtor:

Bay Area man helped all 5 buyers linked to operation

How big will this thing turn out to be..?


Anonymous said...

This region is so full of bay area flippers and there are so many houses rented to section 8 families that it would not surprise me if the cops find another 100 pot houses.

Anonymous said...

Dickson Hung, a licensed Realtor with Exit Realty of Daly City, represented the five buyers involved in the seven sales, real estate agents said. Hung worked for Coldwell Banker Peninsula at the time of the seven sales.

Is Dickson HUNG a porn star?

Anonymous said...

You missed the first name old chap,

it is DICKson HUNG!

Anonymous said...

Police motto:

So many hours to work
So many pot houses to bust!

Suck on it you greedy pond scum bay area flippers!

You are going down big time once the cops get your butt!

Anonymous said...

Three more pot houses. How many more to go?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch the market fall in the toilet. The Valley sucks, and prices have risen while developers have overbuilt. At least the pot growing makes these miserable houses turn a profit.

I think I'll go light up a doobie to celebrate the 'soft' landing.