Friday, October 13, 2006

Local Vacancy Rates

In a post on Sacramento Land(ing) a reader pointed out a high amount of vacant homes in MLS. Ever the curious mind, I decided to run some numbers for various cities in our MLS to see how things stacked up. I wish I had data from previous years for comparison, but I'm still really surprised at the ratio of vacant to occupied homes. Take a look:


Anonymous said...

Those stats are a little surprising to me. I would have thought that the areas with the greatest percentage of new construction would have the highest vacancy rates - but Carmichael? Citrus Heights? Seems to indicate that there are more investors trying to escape than builders. I feel very sad for every one of them, boo-hoo.

Anonymous said...

And how many houses do the builders have in their inventories, vacant, available and not counted on the MLS? They have been building 15,000 homes a year. Cancellations have been 30-40%? So they could easily add another 3,000 homes, probably a great many more.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the numbers oriented approach of this blog. Is the MLS data open to the public? or is it by subscription.

There are about 800,000 dwelling units in the 4 county area (that includes apartments). Having 6,000 vacant does not seem outrageous - of course, that's assuming that you are not a flipper with a funny loan.