Monday, March 05, 2007

Sacramento Regional Real Estate Trends for February 24, 2007

Real quick this week. I was out of town this weekend so not a whole lot of time to do this. "Just the graphs, M'am." Bottom line: listing inventory fell due to typical monthly drop-off, asking prices were steady in every county except Yolo, and flipper inventory remained unchanged.

Agent Bubble has provided me with February's sales numbers, and I'll have them up by Wednesday. Prepare to be surprised. :)


Perfect Storm said...

Whats the suprise? Yeah inventory took a dip. I bet "Keep it Real" will go oh look inventory is down better buy now.

patient renter said...

I see average price per square foot is still trending down. It's interesting that median price has been flat for a while, but I guess this shows why one shouldn't pay too much attention to this number alone.

Anonymous said...

The surprise will be that sales are up y-o-y. My guess, anyway.