Sunday, March 25, 2007

Where Are All The Flippers?

Some readers have asked me for the areas where the flippers are concentrated. Rather than give a list of zip codes and numbers, I thought I would resurrect some of my Google Earth data and show you:


Perfect Storm said...

Freakin flippers everywhere.

Big Rig said...

They're scattered all over, but you can see a higher concentration in the new developing areas.

Near Franklin HS in Elk Grove.

Anatolia in Rancho.

North Natomas.

Fiddyment area of Roseville.


Anonymous said...

How do you determine who are flippers and who aren't?

2cents said...

PS: The flippers *aren't* everywhere - they're in lower-priced sections of town and in new developments.

Thanks for the maps, Max, they tell a lot more than a list of numbers.

Perfect Storm said...

Anon1137 where are there not flippers?

Perfect Storm said...

It looks like the American River Parkway is the only place without flippers, go figure.

Josh said...

I think what we're seeing here is the manifestation of the greed of the builders combined with the greed of the flippers. One needs look no further than the federal investigation into Beazer to see what this confluence of greed has wrought.