Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sacramento Regional Real Estate Trends for October 13, 2007

Not a whole lot of time this week, so I'll let the graphs do the talking. Not a lot of change over last week anyway.


DrDoom said...


Great work as always.

Is there a report that would show the percent of closings that were SIT by month? The inventory graphs show that almost 25% of Sacramento listings are SIT but are the closing sales at the same ratio or signiifcantly higher?

The SIT's will have a harder time closing because of the out of pocket costs. However they are more motivated than the non-SIT sellers. Which force is greater?

Anonymous said...

Question on 9437 Acapulco Way, 95624.

The agent that sold this property(now in forclosure just one year later) was also the owner of this property through inheritance. Curious if the realtor had any hand in funding the mortgage. Anythoughts?