Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MLS vs Assessor Sales

The following is a comparison of monthly sales data. The red line is from Agent Bubble (MLS), and the orange line is taken from the date the sale was recorded by the county:

(County data for October is not available yet.) As you can see, there a lot of fluctuation month-over-month in each data set, and I wouldn't call a 5% change in either direction very significant.

FYI: the county data really is that noisy. I think all the staff took vacation in December 2005. :) Does anyone have any insight into how the assessor assigns a date to the transaction?


Josh said...

What a buzz kill I am! :)

... said...

If it were consistant, I would say MLS + new home sales was your total, but the negitive numbers throw me.

Actually, its likely the MLS numbers that are mis dated - just entered on the wrong dates.

If you called the assessor, I'm sure they would talk about it. They often will talk about much less important info - what I mean is that your question is interesting enough to get to the main man.