Friday, December 14, 2007

New Inventory Graph

Seeing as how I will soon be collecting my third calendar years worth of data, I am in the process of reworking some of my plots:

(Note: Data collection began in April 2006)

A word about inventory: I am aware that my 2006 inventory data ran higher than some other reports. The difference is due mainly to variations in the source databases (relisting before expiration of the old listing, inclusion of pending sales) and selection of slightly different geographic regions to represent the area (neighborhoods vs city vs county vs zip code).


... said...

Long as you're consistant.

2007 does show deteration if you figure anyone who was fishing removed themselves from the market.

Josh said...

Long as you're consistant.

That's why I have you, sippn. Keepin' me honest. :)

... said...

Yea, if I had an editor's assistant, my spelln wud impruve 2. 'sistnt