Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anecdotal Bay Area Retail Photos Part 2

I was on the Peninsula today, and I visited a Pep Boys in Mountain View, an OSH in Sunnyvale, a Kmart in Redwood City, and a Home Depot in San Carlos. All the stores had more staff than customers. OSH and Kmart were the worst, with maybe a 3:1 staff to customer ratio between the hours of noon and 3PM. Ouch!

Also, check out the photos I took of the big gasoline tanker accident today. (Unrelated I know, but I had to share them :) As of late Monday night, north 101 is still closed. Apparently they have to replace part of the roadway because of the spilled fuel. Glad that's not my commute!

Pep Boys: Mountain View

Orchard Supply Hardware: Sunnyvale

Kmart: Redwood City

Home Depot: San Carlos



Wadin' In said...

Max, It appears time to light a match.....houses, retailers, tankers....it's all going to be surplus for a while anyway.

Anonymous said...

Did you actually pull out a camera in the store? Those don't look like cell phone pics to me. I'm surprised you didn't have a store manager rush over and tell you to stop taking pictures "for security reasons"

Max said...

No comment.

Anonymous said...

Wanna see shoppers...? Go to ANY Costco.


Gwynster said...


We go to the calexpo Costco and the traffic has turned down since Sept. We hardly have those killer lines anymore.

Perfect Storm said...

No Costco is not that bad anymore, in out with a hotdog and coke in no time.

Anonymous said...

The following home just went pending. Anyone know the amount?

1225 42nd street
Sacramento, 95819


Anonymous said...

Drop by any Whole Foods in bay area. Their parking lots used be jammed by health conscious (translation: smug) customers. Now you can easily find parking spots. Did I mention there is no line up at casher?