Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sacramento Regional Real Estate Trends for January 5, 2008

Just the graphs this week since I'm already pretty late, except to mention that the first inventory data point is 14,868. (I have markers turned off so the trend line will only show when there's >1 data point.)


... said...

purdy new colors

Gwynster said...

I watch Davis, Woodland, and 95814 and 95816. In the last 3 days, there were 30 new listings. A fraction of these are relistings to reset DOM, most of these in Davis. Imagine what March through June are going to look like >; )

Now if the REO sales from Sept forward would just close and record so we can get some new comps. I'm wondering if they are going to fall out and come back on the market this spring.

Josh said...

Imagine what March through June are going to look like >; )

Inventory right now is at the mid-May level of last year. Methinks we'll probably see some of the same shenanigans with MetroMLS that they're seeing down in Stockton. Once the end-of-year delisting mess resolves itself, it might be time to hit the streets and see if the houses with signs out front are actually in the MLS.

Gwynster said...


If they don't list on the MLS won't that begin to undermine the one thing of value the NAR was been hanging onto for dear life?

Josh said...

If they don't list on the MLS won't that begin to undermine the one thing of value the NAR was been hanging onto for dear life?

Believe it or not, the local Realtor associations have a love-hat relationship with the NAR, at best. Many old-school Realtors believe that keeping listings off the web protects their commissions. Now that fear has returned to Realtor World, you're going to see some pretty asinine behavior out of these guys.

Alan Daniels said...
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... said...

The kind of stuff you're seeing in Stockton MLS only works in small controlled areas, not in a region like Sacramento.

I watched the guys in a small local college town try to do it years ago, but sellers want their stuff in MLS.. . now the agent has to get a special form signed by the seller to keep it out of MLS.

Its a pretty foolish agent or seller that doesn't have a piece of real estate for sale listed in MLS . . . unless its a very exposed, high demand piece.

I haven't seen any other web product that are close to MLS in quality and quantity of content(Sac Bee uses MLS data). AOL is junk, Yahoo is a far 2nd with a couple of brands, Zillow is junk plus old data, Craigs list can be OK, but stuff disappears after a few days and how do you narrow your search?

Sales agents were here long before MLS and will be here long after.

I mean, why do we still have stock brokers and traders, sales people for cars, insurance, pretty much everything? Its all available online, right?

Everybody can do it all themselves now days.... like watching the news about the homes being rebuilt in Tahoe - can tell the do-it-your-selfers because their homes are not closed in in January - their framing in the snow.... DUH.

Gwynster said...

Bahh sales staffs are overrated

I do all my trading online without a broker through Fidelity. I shopped my CDs through them too.

I bought my car last year by contacting every dealer in 200 miles and telling them exactly what I wanted (make/model/color/options) and asking them to quote me a price. The dealer that undercut pretty much everyone by $3700 got the sale (paid cash and took all of 20 mins to do the transaction).

We shopped our last GFE ourselves in 07. We'll do it again this summer. I'll do almost all the legwork on the house purchase myself however I'll still use an agent but only because he doesn't try to blow smoke up my $^%3 and I think we'll make a great good cop/bad cop duo negotitating duo >; )