Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Picture of the Day


Anonymous said...

Still way overpriced...these homes will go under foreclosure too. Just too much inventory.

Deflationary Jane said...

Please tell me you sent this to Ben Jones for his picture gallery!

Remember that prices are set at the margins? Well it looks like foreclosures are the price point to beat >; )

patient renter said...

Hahahah. Very nice.

Wadin' In said...

LOL, it is a JTS sign. That company is walking the market down. In 2006, they said "Buy a $1,000,000 house for $500,000"! (Those same houses are now under $300,000). Then they said "Auction Pricing, without the Auction". Then it was "Special Incentives" where they fleeced lenders like Option One for $100,000 cash back on your purchase.

Now it is "Foreclosure Pricing". They may have it right this time....whoever owns their home one year from now probably will be in foreclosure....the only question is will it be JTS or the next FB!

Max said...

LOL, it is a JTS sign.

:) JTS definitely has balls. They screwed their buyers worse than any builder in the region, and now they offer "Foreclosure Pricing."

My take is, they've always offered foreclosure pricing. If you bought from them in 2005, you're in foreclosure. If you buy from them now, you'll be in foreclosure soon.