Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sacramento Parking Tips For New US Citizens

This is way off-topic, but nothing can quell the caffeine-fueled sense of outrage I felt this morning when I saw this:

This lot is normally $8 per day, but there happens to be a swearing-in ceremony for new U.S. citizens taking place across the street at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. Turns out, all of the "Priority Parking" lots were raised to $25 today, even those that are blocks away from the event.

I know many of the people attending these massive ceremonies are from out of town, so they're not aware of the very cheap parking lots all around the Memorial Auditorium. Here is a guide:

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Avoid the red lots, and use the green ones. If you know anyone who will be getting sworn in, please send them this post. The $25 lots were filling up fast, while the more inexpensive (but less obvious) lots were still mostly empty.

For more Downtown Sacramento parking information, visit the city web site. Oh, and arrive early. There will be a lot of you:


Deflationary Jane said...

Good post! I have to admit upping the rate to $25 to take advantage of these folks is a new low.

Mike said...


The government could at least provide free parking for these folks. These people have paid enough to go through the slow, bureaucratic, and sometimes expensive process of getting citizenship through INS. (Think of INS as DMV but 10 times slower and less helpful)

These people should be commended for going through legal means to get their citizenships.

Wadin' In said...

Max, I really like your style. Not only to you call these gougers on their behavior, you actually provide a practical solution. People who take action are high on my list.

purplelabrador said...

It seems to me that, in a way, this is an appropirate welcome to citizenship in the USA.

Sad but true.

Adam Bradley said...

I park at the Priority Parking lot at 7th & Q. The price was the normal rate of $7. Granted, this is fairly far from the event, but it is downtown

norcaljeff said...

One thing I really hate paying for in life is parking. Not sure why, I guess maybe because I have nothing to show for it....well, a receipt I suppose. That's why I refuse to go downtown, or any big city, to shop, eat or otherwise. It's a hassle and expensive and I refuse to pay to park.