Saturday, June 07, 2008

Free Gas Scam

We just paid $4.29 at the Costco in Citrus Heights yesterday afternoon. By 9PM, the prices were $4.49. No wonder people are resorting to scams like this:

All Things Considered, June 4, 2008 · With gas prices at near-record highs, some motorists may be resorting to extreme measures. Bill Luna, manager of Sierra Hart Towing in Sacramento, Calif., says tow-truck drivers suspect motorists are letting tanks run dry to get a free gallon of gas from the state.
I didn't even know the state gave free gas to stranded motorists! I wonder what the budget for this program costs the state?

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patient renter said...

From what I understand, this program/policy/whatever is based on the idea that it's best to get stranded motorists going again if at all possible, particularly if they run out of gas in a dangerous location such as on an overpass or an area with no shoulder, whatever.

Where does the money come from? Well, like the Feds, we're in debt. So one way to think of it is that it comes from our children, or as a tradeoff for a few teachers, polics, firefighters, etc.