Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Monterey Village Status Update

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I've been watching the degradation of Monterey Village from afar for the last few months, so I thought I'd take a closer look.

Things have been moving steadily downhill since my last real update in January.

Although the city has finally cut the weeds along the outside of the surrounding walls, the inside continues to fall into disrepair.

Weeds now completely cover the bare lots that surround the unfinished buildings. It has only been 9 months since the last construction crews left, but the winter rain and constant wind has taken its toll. The once white weather wrap is peeling off and yellowing, and the stucco wire is falling down in some places:

The abandoned construction site is attracting vandals and garbage:

Every unit has windows and doors open, probably to dry them out after rain got in:

Loose roofing tiles litter the site:

There were a few signs that at least some care is being given to the property. Someone had to open the windows to dry out the units, and as far as I could tell, no animals or squatters have moved in yet. The slow, steady decline continues.


Anonymous said...

Site built housing is so,
past tense.
In earthquake prone areas building houses on cement slabs is a recipe for disaster.
With modular housing, in an earthquake you can relevel, or set the unit on rollers and NEVER have to worry about the ground moving.
Modular housing units can be completed in a matter of days. Start to finish, with the same quality if not better than old site built stuff.
Their easy to move and upgrade too.
The utility lines and streets are the same as they would be for site built homes.
Thanks again for the pictures.

patient renter said...

concerned: you forgot to post a link to your modular housing company.

The picture of the entrance sign with all the letters missing is just sad. Very sad. Where exactly is this place located?

Josh said...

Where exactly is this place located?

South Elk Grove. It's a Dunmore Homes remnant.

DrDoom said...

Nature slowly reclaims the ruins. I don't know which is sadder, the orginal video of it blowing away in the rain or this one of it drying up in the sun.

Maybe Max can get us pictures of each of the 4 seasons?

Does anyone know about analysis firm called "Global Insight" or "National City Corp"? Seattlebubble.com had a June 3 post of a report from "House Prices in America". Sacramento is indexed in their methodology description. Anyone seen it or heard of them?

Anonymous said...

waiting for the day ...
waiting for fed to raise rates...
waiting for fall ...
waiting for the chit to hit the fan.

This is when the 2008 buyers will default. Prime borrower realizing it's better to just walk away. People will realize 30 years at current payment will make them poor. They will realize they have nothing for retirement... nothing for their kids education and future. They are barely eating beans while those that walked away enjoy life and are ready to buy a new home.

Anonymous said...

Fed will raise rates soon. Economy to slow. Long term rates to rise. Unstable. People barely can pay for gas. People over-extended. Rates rises again...again...again...despite economy slowing down. Feds hands are tied...sorry speculator. Depression sets in.......it's gonna be a long and painful America. Meanwhile, realtors are homeless but still spew NAR propoganda, holding a sign, "Now is the best time to buy!", at almost every intersection. Depression is coming.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the following home sold for?

1022 44th street
sacramento, 95819