Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pity The Poor Heroin Dealer

Another weekend podcast for your enjoyment. "Moving from 4 walls to 4 wheels" is an excerpt from the public radio program "Marketplace" which I listen to everyday as a podcast. Anyway, this segment is ostensibly about underemployed people living in RVs because they can't afford a mortgage or rent. However, this part caught my attention:

That's Steve. He won't give his last name because he sells heroin for a living. A sign on his RV says "Welcome" in big letters. Just outside, there's a woman trying to hawk her engagement ring. Steve says his customers have been pretty desperate lately.

Steve: Even people who do drugs have no money. The working economy, if they don't have no money, then the people that bring me their money can't get no money.

Steve says his income is only a sliver of what it was in more prosperous times.
"Even people who do drugs have no money." I'm stunned, simply stunned!

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