Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Burbank Airport Deserted

Sacramento airport was not the only one. Check out this photo I snapped at the Burbank terminal last Friday:

There was nobody in line at the Southwest counter, or at the TSA checkpoint either. I literally walked all the way through to the x-ray machine, and took my time unloading my laptop and emptying my pockets while I made conversation with the TSA guards. Trying to sound friendly and upbeat, I said "Wow, where is everybody?" One of them replied, "It's been like this all week, and I've never seen it this way. It's a little scary."

Anybody have a similar experience recently, or was this a fluke?


Unknown said...

I flew through Burbank about 6 weeks ago and it was absolutely dead then too. The line for security was only about 10 people long then, but TSA still managed to make everyone wait for an excessively long time.

Anonymous said...

I went to lunch last week to a couple of my regular lunch spots that are normally at full occupancy during the lunch hour and at both places there were only about 3 tables out of 25 occupied at 12:30pm. When I asked the server where everybody was he said that it had been 'getting like this' lately.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this was a fluke but I'll be flying back to Sac from John Wayne on Thursday so I'll let you know. It's Southwest though, and that part of the terminal is usually pretty busy.

Anonymous said...

That's like this regions main commuter airport. I use it when I have to travel to sacto, phoenix and vegas.

GAH! I've never seen it empty before.


Anonymous said...

Max, I just sent you a couple of pictures from the OC (John Wayne). It's got a decent flow of traffic, but I've seen this terminal so packed you could barely get a seat and it's nowhere near that level right now. Plenty of open seats, even ones with power for laptops.

Max said...

Nice! Do they still have the special security line for first class ticketholders? Gotta love the OC. :)

I'll post 'em later tonight.

wannabuy said...

Wow... That's just scary. I follow aviation and believe its a real time indication of the economy.

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