Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Overpriced Parking Lots Empty

This is the sight that warmed my heart this morning. Today is another swearing in day at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, so the usual $5-$8 daily parking rate has been raised to $25. I'd like to think my last post on the subject had an effect, but Lisa Heyamoto's column probably had more to do with it. :)

(Unphotographed were the scores of people parking in the 10-hour zone on 17th. I didn't realize what was going on until I got to 16th.)


Deflationary Jane said...

Looks like Aaron is experiencing the freedom of the free market - enjoy >; )

Anonymous said...

Aaron is like those grocers who charge $10 for a bottle of water after a natural disaster hits a town. His regular business will be affected anyway with gas price being so high, and now that he's tagged as a gouger, I doubt his business will be getting any better. I know a couple of private parking lot proprietors and they're a lot more honest and reasonable than him, but they cater to downtown workers and rent by the month.

Wadin' In said...

Max, is that your Starbucks coffee in the top photo?? You must remember foregoing a $5 coffee everymorning will earn you a downpayment on a new home!