Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Trip To Denio's

My wife and I made a trip to the Denio's Swap Meet last weekend to check out the cheap crap and buy some produce. Aside from the usual cheap Chinese stuff and garage sale falderol, we saw these interesting booths.

These guys sell stuff they buy at self-storage auctions. In the past they've had old business equipment or dated estate-sale type items, but now they're selling high-end appliances and furniture. Not often you see GE Monogram washer-dryer sets and big screen TVs at Denio's:

I remember seeing mortgage refi people at Denio's several years ago, but they disappeared in late 2006. Until now, that is:

Seriously, would you get a mortgage loan at the Denio's swap meet? Gives new meaning to the term "scratch and dent loan."

1 comment :

incessant_din said...

Looks like a diorama of a boiler room.

Either that or some Learning Annex seminar.