Thursday, November 20, 2008

Craigslist Trolling: Laid Off Edition

The Craigslist Misery Index keeps increasing. Here's some excerpts:

Makita - $160: I paid 400$ I will let it go for 160. was laid off.
Handyman/labor: offering my services i was recently laid off due to lack of work
20 in" rims and tire - $600: got laid off need money bad for rent.
2002 F 250 Power Stroke Lariet Super Duty: Laid off and need to sell.
LANDSCAPING, HOME & AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR: Laid off truck driver does home repairs
Gold Plated Bulova Mens Watch for sale - $200 (Granite Bay): I do have rent coming up and I have been laid off from my current job, therefore, the watch must be sold. I am firm in my price and only want to hear from serious buyers.
Beautiful Bridal Set with Pink DIamonds!! - $700: Husband was laid off and in desperate need of money.
1cwt wedding/engagement RING: I just lost my job and desparetly need money.
Single Mom....Car Trouble....: I have no money really and nobody to turn to for help.
Will Barter For Groceries & Services: I am willing to do anything to provide for my 2 girls as long as its legal and not morally degrading.
RE: SINGLE MOTHER IN EL DORADO COUNTY: Sorry to hear about you losing your job, but I must agree with one of the responders. EVERYONE is in a financial mess right now. I have 2 kids, just bought a house last December and lost my job before the 1st mortgage payment was due. My unemployment just ended and every month we struggle to pay the mortgage. We have borrowed thousands of dollars from family, but we can't rely on them forever.


patient renter said...

Wow. Selling the wedding/engagement ring is hard to believe. This kind of stuff always motivates me to live well within my means.

Bryan said...

Morbid. And very sad.

Buying Time said...

My aunt who lives in Sac, was laid off unexpectedly from a job she held for 19 years. She has not been able to find work....I hear she was in tears yesterday, the stress is getting so bad. My uncle, a printer, has never seen business this bad in his 35 years. I consider printing to be a leading indicator of business activity.

Unfortunately, I think we have some serious sytstemic problems with in our economy that will take a lot of time and belt-tightening to work out. The 18 month figure I keep hearing seems way optimistic.

Deflationary Jane said...


Remember when some predicted that we wouldn't see bottoms until 2011 and they were ridiculed?

I thought 3Q2009 but then I didn't figure on there being so much intervention from the gov to string the process out. Now I'm wondering if 3Q2011 is too early. >; (

The one ray of sunshine for me is that I think we are finally going to see families growing closer to support one another and individuals will spend more time and effort reconnecting to their communities as this goes on. The times will suck but we'll all be sucking together.

Unknown said...

Wow.. thanks for the links. I found someone to clean my gutters :)

Bryan said...

"We must suck together, gentlemen, or we shall most assuredly suck separately." -Ben Franklin.

Or maybe it was 'hang' instead of 'suck'. But it was kind of the same point.

patient renter said...

some predicted that we wouldn't see bottoms until 2011

I was one of those guys, 2011 at the earliest, based mostly on ARM reset schedules. It seems the ARM bomb has been delayed with the LIBOR down so hard, but now there are many other problems overshadowing resets... and of course, the reset problem doesn't go away, it's just postponed.

Anonymous said...

The POAs are already going off. Option ARM blowups have actually accelerated! It isn't the resets causing them to blow up, it is the minimum payment being made with the loan balance hitting the 110% loan amount which forces amortization.

High Power Rocketry said...

Brutal... but being an ebayer, I have to say there are a few standard lines you always give about being sad about having to sell. You always give the buyer the impression that you need the money, that way they think they are getting a good deal.

elite-proxy said...
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Anonymous said...

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