Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Craigslist Trolling: Deflation Christmas No Money Edition

The Fed lowers rates to zero, but people still can't find any money. Here's a few examples from craigslist:

LADIES PLATINUM ANNIVERSARY BAND - $1900: "Every girl loves to sparkle and this ring does! BEAUTIFUL ring that goes well with any engagement ring or alone... Asking $1900 but willing to negotiate so we have Christmas money."
1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Extended Cab Pick Up - $4000: "Need to sell quick for Christmas money."
3/4 kt. diamond ring in white gold. Unique band: "My soon to be ex-husband and I purchased this ring 5 years ago from Aquamarine Jewlers in Sacramento. I need to sell asap for Christmas money & to help being laid off."
Thomas Kincade - $200: "wanted to list before the weekend in hopes to sell for Christmas money."
Full sized Oxygen Acetelyn set with cart - $280: "Must sell for Christmas money. Tanks are about half full."
vita mix 5000 blender - $275: "just lost my job so i need extra christmas money asking 275. will accept any reasonable offer."
Buik Regal 83 coupe lowered price - $1200: "we got a n 83 buik regal that we have just dropped the price on it runs great looks great has crome spokes all the way around it... i am trying to collect some more christmas money for my kids."
2004 Ford F-250 - $7300: "Need money for Xmas and looking to downsize is reason for selling."
Air Jordan Spizike "OG Cement" - $150: "shoes do not smell... brand new these go for $250... i need money for xmas so please help a guy out..."


Rich said...

How about this story in the SN&R


Young lady loses job, and first worry is that she can't make her car payment on EI.

I dunno, personally I think it's a sad day when Christmas requires Money. I know, it's a tough when you have kids, but if times are that tight, you can't hide it from them.

btw DJ- UCD jobs list down to zero :-)

Max said...

I dunno, personally I think it's a sad day when Christmas requires Money

There's this interesting phenomenon happening now on the planning vs expectations curve. We're so freakin' myopic in this country. All I know is, we're not in a depression when people are selling the family jewels to buy an xbox for the kids. We'll be there when they're selling the xbox to buy food.

Hope will first be replaced by desperation, then by future planning. We still have a long way to go.

patient renter said...

This is pretty crazy stuff. The consumer culture runs deep.

Deflationary Jane said...

So they finally pulled the high and mighty positions - woohoo >; )

Comments on the CL listings:
* A kincade is worth about $10 unless you find a greater fool to take it off your hands.
* Liz Clairborne at Bloomingdales? Bahahahaha That's a budget line. Try Macy's in the sale bin.
* 83 Buick - aren't those gangsta cars? I think i remember something about them having a weird resale value and theft rate but that was years ago.

No a single item worth the money they are asking for it. Scams all

Rich said...

"I need to sell asap for Christmas money & to help being laid off."

I missed that the 1st time. You need help getting laid off? Geez!