Tuesday, February 03, 2009

California State Rumor Mill

More rumors and color on the State budget crisis, and a few local tidbits as well. This is all hearsay at this point, though much will be known in the coming days.


Despite the legal ruling affirming the Goverator's authority to order furloughs, behind the scenes there is much less confidence. People familiar with both sides of the case are operating on the assumption that the appellate court will issue an injunction against the Governator this week. A decision won't be expected for at least a year.

If furloughs are prevented, the Governator has promised layoffs.

The state agencies that I'm aware of are issuing no instructions to their employees vis-a-vis the furloughs. This is taken by staff to mean they expect an injunction from the court.

State Budget:

The state is fiscally impaired as of February 1, 2009. Besides the well-publicized delays in tax refunds, college grants, and welfare checks, the state is also suspending travel expense repayments to employees in general fund agencies (effectively suspending travel) and petty cash.

Although there are over 1,000 job openings listed on the State Personnel Board website, all hiring is intra-state employee transfers. Job applications from people who aren't currently employed with the state are not being considered.

Local Government:

A well-placed source in a social-service agency said they're expecting a massive increase in caseload due to state welfare cutbacks.


patient renter said...

all hiring is intra-state employee transfers

This goes against the recruiting/hiring e-mail I mentioned I saw yesterday. I took a close look at it and it looks like there's a wierd testing exemption for veterans (since most hiring is contingent on testing). So they're trying to find veterans...

Anonymous said...

exactly. They are no open as much as they are overflow waiting for lay off to fill them.

You have to have already taken the various tests and those test were often given months ago with no new tests schedule from now until doomsday.

Sold in '05- Bought in '09 said...

The State DWR people that I work with have "officially" been notified that because they are a 24/7 manned facility that can not be unstaffed, they will still be working their normal schedules, but they will have their next pay checks reduced 9.78..% and will be receiving paid days off that can be used later as personal or vacation time.

So the wheels are in motion.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else besides me think that this whole thing - furloughs, layoffs, IOUs, lack of budget - would go away if Legislative term limits were eliminated?

I've worked in State government for a long time and whenever you ask someone for their cooperation, from first line supervisors to department heads to political appointees, their response is always the same, "what's in it for me?". I don't think the Legislature will do anything at all as long as term limits hang over their heads. Most of them have few skills and there just aren't enough soft landing places for all of them.