Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Food Stamp Data: February 2009

The number of people receiving food stamps showed another increase in February, with 6.8% of all state residents, and 9.9% of Sacramento County residents receiving aid. More worrisome, the rate of increase in new recipients is the fastest in at least 10 years. Since August 2008, there have been double-digit year-over-year increases.


Anonymous said...

What is surprising to me is the YOY change has not been significantly decreasing since before 2002/3. Has CA been increasing elibility?

If so, is the stat usable.


Anonymous said...

I love talking to myself... (since the teens often spit poison)

The 2003 spike looks like it was caused by a late 2002 bill that increased eligibility (better spelling) for emigrant children. A reasonable law, but also a massive lure.

Any thoughts?


patient renter said...

A reasonable law, but also a massive lure.Reasonable is up for debate, but there's no question that it's a lure.