Monday, May 04, 2009

Union Pacific Planning Railcar Storage In East Elk Grove

Looks like the recession is hitting home in other ways. The Union Pacific Railroad is planning on reopening track idled over 10 years ago for rail storage (pdf):

TO: The Residents of Elk Grove, Acampo, Counties of Sacramento and San Joaquin, Wilton, Galt, and Herald
FROM: Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and Central California Traction Company (CCT)
Subject: Stored cars on Central California Traction Company

We know many in the community have questions about the railcars located on Central California Traction Company (CCT) track. To address concerns, we are responding to your frequently asked questions.

Why is Union Pacific storing cars at CCT?

No one is more interested in moving stored rail cars than Union Pacific. However, movement of stored rail cars will depend on the economy and industries' demand to move products on the railroad in those cars. The rail industry as a whole is dealing with this issue. As a matter of fact there are 100,000 plus cars stored nationwide from various rail companies.

What type of actions is CCT and Union Pacific taking in conjunction to the stored railcars?

As rail cars are being temporarily stored, they are being safely secured. CCT and UP railroad police inspect the area on a weekly basis. We make sure to avoid blocking any authorized private and public crossings.
Here's a map of the reopened line:

View CCT in a larger map

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