Monday, June 01, 2009

State Worker and University of California Salary Redux

By anonymous request, here are the UC salary bins derived from the same dataset as the state worker post from last week. I've included an updated graph of the state worker data as well for comparison:

UC Worker Data
Total Number of Workers: 129,031
Total Cumulative Salary For 2007: $8,210,754,712
Average Salary: $63,634
Median Salary: $48,231

State Worker Data
Total Number of Workers: 264,933
Total Cumulative Salary For 2008: $17,538,131,186
Average Salary: $66,198
Median Salary: $62,296

As you can see, the salary discrepancy is much greater in the UC system, where the top 2.3% of workers earn 10.3% of the salaries! Clearly the orginizational structure is much different than the state itself (most of the top earners in the UC system are medical doctors and professors), so you can't really compare the two.


Anonymous said...

The upper brass of the UC are taking a voluntary 5% cut. That'll make it easier to argue for cuts for everyone else.

Some kind of overall payroll reduction is in the works. And I bet it will increase the discrepancy.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember if I erased my previou comment, but since its on the radio today....

Difficult to take paying MDs and dentists $500K a year for a 40 hour work week taking care of felons while we pay for our $200K MDs and dentists and get a smaller piece or thier service while they work 60+ hours a week - I have a problem with that state system.


Deflationary Jane said...

agreed sippin.

I need to sit down with that data because I bet if I split the tranches by 30k, the spread between haves and have nots would be even more over the top obvious.

Max said...

Difficult to take paying MDs and dentists $500K a year for a 40 hour work week taking care of felons

Hard to find a doctor willing to live in Avenal and work in a prison. Not saying they're worth half a mil, just sayin. FWIW, we lock up way too many people anyway. Less prisoners = less money spent.

You want moral corruption, ask yourself why CCPOA sponsors tougher sentencing legislation.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. CCPOA contributed its way to 100K+ compensation, we don't need to pay doctors anything to see felons. Ship them into town with security. Dentists? a luxury.

Are you going to tell me teachers are paid $150K to teach in prison?

Lets get the rankings right.

Kids first, felons last.

Metro fire is just following the CCPOA model, except they directly elect their own union/board becasue nobody's the wiser. CAPERS prosecuted several for spiking pensions a few years ago. They leveraged the memories of 9-11 to rip off the general taxpayer.

Lets Rank

Chief Trama surgeon v fire chief - both sac county

We pay the fire chief 125K+ more.

80% of metro fire employees make more than a 20 year sheriff with overtime ($100K). Don't they both face similar job risks?

And Peon, don't buy the stuff about the private leasure industry, thats equivalent to the entry level public jobs, except the public jobs pay double.

Piss anybody off?

One prison doctor is 7-8 new teachers. What is more effective in crime prevention?