Monday, February 08, 2010

Petty Crime

17th Street, between I and J in downtown Sacramento. Every Monday there are usually one or two piles of broken glass, the remains of auto break-ins that took place over the weekend. Today was some kind of record; I counted 8 piles of broken glass, or one for each available space. I'm sure the owners of these vehicles are happy to help stimulate the economy, all the while keeping incarceration and prosecution costs down.


husmanen said...

I used to live in Midtown and East Sac, loved the areas, but I had so many break-ins and a friend car-jacked in front of my house that I could never imagine having a family in the area.

I also checked the crime stats for Land Park and East Sac and just felt it was better to move to the burbs, even though at one point in my life I promised I would never do that.

Things change.

Max said...

Some assumptions:

Average cost of side window replacement = $300.
Average replacement value of things stolen = $50
Average fence price of things stolen = $10.
Total cost to vehicles owners = $2800
Total cash in thieves' pockets' = $80
That's an "ROI" of 2.9%

My Dad just his gas tank drilled by gas thieves. They got about 6 gallons of gas, he paid over $400 for a new (used) tank (plastic) and the tow. "ROI" of 2.3%.

We either pay through higher taxes and incarceration expenses, or we pay as victims of petty crime. Which is worse?

Deflationary Jane said...


This is sounding like the way downtown/midtown used to be. The gentrification project is waxxing.

When I lived downtown, my car was broken into like clockwork every late Jan/early Feb for 10 years. The car was parked off street, right under my window (less then 5 ft from my couch) with a light shining on it and the CHP drove by at least once every 10 minutes.

This is why I'd never go back to a rental unless it had sealed off street parking. My new place already has an alarm, I'm just adding on to it to include more windows and the garage. I couldn't do this with a rental.