Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Food Stamp Data: February 2009

DFA just released their January and February 2010 food stamp data, so this looked like a good opportunity to update my charts:

11.9% of all Sacramento County residents are now on food stamps, or almost one out of eight. For California as a whole, the number stood at 8.5%. The good news (if you can call it that) is that the rate of increase seems to have peaked and has been declining since October 2009. The bad news is this suggests a continued increase in the percent food stamp recipients for well into the next year.


husmanen said...

Thanks for the data. The trend breaking has to start somewhere, hopefully it has begun and this is one sign of positive change, however small.

Lets see if this continues through the summer.

Max said...

Lets hope so. If the decline in the rate of change continues on the gaussian path, the food stamp percentage won't peak for another 12-18 months.

Yeah, I want to get back to some of my other stat products. It's been a busy busy past 12 months!

Wadin' In said...

Sun City Lincoln Report: 2006-2010

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I remember one Vallejo UHSP put her mother into 5 properties in Sun City that year. One was at 518 Silverwood Ct., MLS # 90085861 (today). Mom paid $405,000 on 1/25/06 and the daughter has been trying to flip it ever since. Mom put $80,000 down, and has been paying the mortgage for 4 years. I am not sure if it was ever rented, but it always looked vacant whenever I went by it.

Today, it is still for sale, listed as a short sale. The price is $258,000. Mom kissed off her $80 grand down payment, plus another $80,000 in carrying costs. The lender is taking a hit for $80,000 on a loan underwritten with 20% down.

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